The movement to save the world's leopards from extinction.

Timeless, classic, chic and bold, on or off the runway, leopard print is everywhere.

In the wild, leopards are vanishing.

Even though the real-world plight of leopards feels far away from our everyday lives, we can make a difference if we act to save leopards now.

#leopardspotted the campaign to raise $20 million

Do Something beautiful with spots and give back to leopards.

What if each time we donned our beloved spots we celebrated the leopard by giving a little, sharing a little, and joining the cause?

Join #leopardspotted and channel your love for the iconic print and the animals that inspired it.

Panthera is on the front lines in the fight to stop poaching, conserve habitats, and reduce the killing of leopards, but we need your help.

As the only organization in the world dedicated exclusively to the conservation of all species of wild cats, Panthera has a proven track record — and a plan — to save leopards globally. #Leopardspotted launches in 2020 with a $20 million goal, which will have a transformative impact on the future of leopards by allowing us to expand our flagship, life-saving programs.

At a time when our planet's most charismatic animal species is disappearing at an alarming pace, help us stop the leopard's roar from being silenced.



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